I have a lot of photoshop projects, and all of them are here. As you can see, I really like eyes.
I had the most fun with photoshop because I could mess with my classmates by placing them in weird locations.
Photoshop projects below:

In our first project, we had to make a collage about one topic, and I chose eyes. I also added tinted shapes in different colors to create a glitch effect.

In this project, we had to photoshop different pictures together using the magic wand tool to create a unique scene.


We had to combine at least six pictures in this assignment. I combined a picture of eyes, a mouth, and a drawing of a person into a picture.
For the picture on the left, I combined a person, a mouth, and duplicated 3 eyes onto it. We used the feather tool in photoshop to smooth out the lines.

This assignment is called the "fakation", where we photoshop ourself or friends into vacation spots. We had to do 5 pictures in total.

For one of our last projects in photoshop, we used layer masks to merge a human and an animal picture, making a human-animal hybrid.

Finally, our last photoshop project was called "double exposure", where we created a double exposure scene by making a silhouette of a human onto some scenery.

And that's all for Photoshop!


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