Adobe Illustrator

The first few projects we did were mostly on Adobe Illustrator.
There are a lot of Adobe Illustrator projects we did before we moved on to photoshop.I'm happy with them, because I got a good grade on all of them.
Below are all my Adobe Illustrator projects from Computers 8

This was an assignment called Animal Silhouette. I did a beta fish, and an osprey using the pen tool and gradient ability on Adobe Illustrator

This was a group project of 4 group members, where we had to make an isometric city in Adobe Illustrator. The picture on the left are the buildings I made.

This was another group project, to which I was with the same group members.
All of us had to create a part of a pattern, and we chose to do the ace of cards. Then we used a feature in Adobe Illustrator to duplicate them.

In this assignment, we had to do a portrait of somone on Adobe Illustrator using the curvature and pen tool.
The shading, lines, etc, all of it is just layers of random shapes into a picture. I did the Rick roll because the meme is funny.

This was one of the earlier projects we did on Adobe Illustrator.
Using the pen and curvature tool, we had to create a personalized logo that included our name.

And that's all for Adobe Illustrator!


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