About me (Grace Ding)

I am chinese/canadian. My dad was from the Mongolian interior and my mom was from ShanDong. I can speak Chinese, English, and some french as well as swear in 4 other different languages. I am a very derpy child, or at least I try to be. My family contains my mom, dad, guinea pig, and my houseplant. The rest of my family, or 99% of my total family, is stuck in the land of rice and dumplings (China).
Drop me in a sea of asians and I'd blend in perfectly. My neighborhood has a lot of asians so good luck trying to locate me with this semi-personal information random person on the internet.

This is me (at cranberry harvest)

This is who I want to be

You can decide if I meant the pigeon or the speaker.

Proceed for more semi-personal info
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