Plus sur moi

More facts about me: I am good at art, so my parents say, and I play piano. My grades are 90% A's because I'm a tryhard. Over the years, I've probably missed around 500 hours of the total 8 hours I'm supposed to sleep. Perpetually tired is my resting face. I was born on thanksgiving day, in a hospital also named Grace, and finally, I proudly ship two of my friends who are in denial about dating, and who i will not name because I don't want them to kill me. A picture of them is below:

This is a quote I live by:

There was also that one time I went on an ambulance, almost got run over by a car, had my house almost go on fire, and got stitches on my left pinky. I'm going to talk about that time I went on an ambulance

This one time when I was 6 years old and stupid, our summer camp took us to the pool. I was in shin high water and heard a life guard behind me say "never dive into the pool headfirst". But I was tired and stupid so I thought he said "always dive into the pool headfirst." So I did and got a huge bump. They stared at me and took me crying to the hospital (I was crying because of embarassment not because of the pain it didn't even hurt), so I got to ride on an ambulance. Apparently they thought I broke my neck.

Very fun isn't it

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